Monday, March 1, 2010


Oh pretty stranger!

Uncertain of your existence,

Explored entire sapphire bubble,

To ascertain your hideout.

Witnessing your charisma,

 An instant ago was nightmarish.

Your occurrence evokes past memoirs.

Hardly dozen months conceded

Befriended at shopping center,

Regrettably on the same day,

Lost thy presence from my domicile.

Searched you everywhere

My negligence doomed you.

Distressed with your absence,

Prayed for your resurgence.

Thrilled to spot once again,

Your enchanted evergreen smile.

Atlast sprouted from your hideout,

Reformation had made you cute,

Cleansed you and felt your green leaves;

Enthusiastically waiting for your offspring

I will never part you again.

----- Shalini Samuel