Friday, September 16, 2016

Release of my new book- The Painted Life

If you haven't bought my new poetry collection yet, do grab a copy today. 
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About the Book:
In her second book The Painted Life, a collection of verses, the poet, Shalini Samuel, author of Singing Soul has plunged her pen into a palette of emotions. Life springs unclothed from the palette. Progressing from birth to death, Life paints on itself a sequence of images. And one day it goes back unclothed to the same palette. Life is more than the air you inhale and exhale. Certain thought or action of us, we deem right may be the reason of doom of someone else's precious Life. Have we ever thought of the ripples, our decisions may triggeer? When there is an imbalance in the sea of Life, disaster arise in the form of hatred, revenge, tears, depression, madness and sometimes even death. The best help mankind can do to each other, is to paint each other's Life with the finest colours. This book gives you an insight on the life of some people you may come across daily.
Shalini Samuel says,
A rebel is born today, because one day she was denied her basic right
A saint is born, because one day she felt the happiness of pure love
We curse rebels and praise saints, knowing not we painted their life
Isn't we to be cursed or praised for our actions, aren't we the root cause?
Let The Painted Life paint your future life with sincere care.
I have given you only a glimpse of Life in The Painted Life, there are lot more in the society waiting to be noticed and chronicled. I desired to cover every life on earth but I could just a pick a drop from the ocean. I dedicate this book to all who have ever suffered the worst blows of man-made Fate and wish them a rejuvenated life of cheerfulness and harmony.
Just like the seconds you don't wish to lose in wailing, every soul wishes the same. A smile gifted is worth millions than the slit you carved on a heart. – Shalini Samuel

The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel