Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Festive heaven

Heaven in festive mood;

Angels in their hectic schedule,

Gave an electrifying smile,

Plucking eyesight’s of few.

A momentary glance

Took away one sense,

Is beauty so dangerous?


Out of fear turned my eyes away

Few Angels cutely dressed

Moving things here and there

Cleaning every nook and corner

Terrible noise from tender hands

Shocked I descend down, earth

Few green trees burning brightly


Disheartened fell down on the ground

There was a sudden down pour

Cooling earth filling every trench

Glanced heaven from beneath

Angels pouring gallons of water

Cleaning heavenly corridors


Uncommon sight these days,

Possibly angels would have started,

Utilizing advanced vacuum cleaners,

Accumulating water for future

-----Shalini Samuel
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