Sunday, August 22, 2010


The vehicle I traveled,

Driving past a museum,

Made me to make a pause,

Evoking my past memoirs.


The same gateway,

Entry to our paradise;

Open for us then;

Seems closed now;


The same packed rooms,

Where lessons learnt.

Full of mirth! Then;

Full of memories now;


The same walls,

That heard our chats.

Yellow then;

Pink now;


The same playground,

Where we assembled.

Tiny plants then;

Big Trees now;


New cheerful faces;

New modern attire;

My home then;

Museum now;


I can watch it,

I can admire it,

Rich history revisited.

Memories remembered.


It keeps on its routine schedule

Untiringly sculpting Indian pillars.

Everlasting moments then,

Still pictures now;


Ever youth museum forgot us,

Housing younger shoots now,

Remains new for little birds;

Turns old as they learn to fly;


We flew away, in diverse routes

From our lovely SCHOOL

Our footprints laid then;

Preserved evergreen till now;
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