Friday, October 19, 2012

An Indian Youngster

Thought by: Aaron Herbert Singh

Words by: Shalini Samuel

To be a lesson for other youngsters to handle money with care


On the streets he stand,an Indian guy,

weak agitated,helpless and tearful

Once in throne, now thrown

by people, for he is a zero now


With riches, executive job,cheerful face

Confidently he stood,spoke and walked

But now his legs aren't moving forward

What happened to this common man?


He had all once and all is gone now

Help he did,didnt save him at his hardest time

Heartbroken he stares the sky with tears

Longing Almighty would save him


His helping tendency, ruined him

Everyone used him as money giving machine

He learnt the biggest lesson of his life

Series of betrayals puzzled his future


Indeed a great shock for the young mind

But God wasnt rude to him

His life has become a mystical puzzle

But I will win it, he says with a smile.