Friday, May 29, 2015

Life is rare and precious

Life is a mystery, every day we are trying to solve at-least a part of it. Sometimes we walk in the wrong path and we complicate the mystery further. At times we search for shortcuts to move faster. We feel that we are closer to a intermediate solution but we end up finding we are far from it. This mystery is more called a giant maze as at times we get lost, confused and struck. 

Many self help books and saints claim they have found the way to come out of this maze. Those preconceived ideas seldom work as each maze is unique. Man easily gets fed up of this maze and says "Whats this life am living?". 

And when in the maze you stumble on a treasure of happiness you feel excited. But when sorrow/ pain engulfs you, you tend to cry. Try to smile and remember a moon waxes and wanes every fortnight but its always beautiful. 

Society has created milestones in life. Birth, studies starting from pre-kg to board exams and then your higher education, then again job, marriage, childbirth, their life, and finally your death(for a new beginning, its said so). We are attuned to this life and we work hard to achieve high marks, find the best life partner and have the best children. We dream about each milestone creating a big expectation list in our mind. Sometimes life may not go that way, it can drive you to a different path, your expectations may go in vain. That's when your life stumbles. If its higher than your expectations you feel very happy and sometimes end up losing control of your life. If its below your expectations you get depressed.

I would ask you a question "Are you living to reach this common milestones set by someone, as many people had the same aim."  Yeah you need a good education, but if you don't get an education does your life end there? If you get stumbled there you will move forward in life just in age. Think out of the box what can i do, what am i good in. Everyone has some power or talent hidden within, discover it. You too can change the world. Education isn't the pass for your life. You can read, hear, see and learn a lot from Mother Nature too. And if you are educated don't feel that I know everything in the world, I am great. Its not so you have a lot to learn.

I have seen youngsters getting worried when they don't get a job. Maybe God has a different plan for you. Try to improve yourself and dig out the opportunities you have. if not create your own job and rule the world.  Similarly when it comes to marriage everyone's eyes will be on you as what's your choice and when you are getting married. There will be lot of aunties, friends, grannies and uncles asking you when are you getting married. You will get lot of free advice, criticisms, suggestions and lot more. Remember you know yourself more than anyone. And never get worried and loose your peaceful life. You are destined to live and not to die because of these societal fetters.

And again once you are married people will ask you "Is there anything special". And once you have crossed all these milestones again your cycle begins from Day 1 this time its for your child until you reach your deadline. Aah! did you live anywhere, you wouldn't have if you were just living to fulfill society.

 Education is something which is a great venture where you slowly learn things and store them for future. Just like a blooming bud you discard/ open the petals of ignorance. Not just the textbooks of school there are a lot of things to learn in life. Its not just the marks, cramming books, uniform, classrooms, etc.  Learning the things you are interested in makes your life more beautiful.

And regarding job,  when you are forced to do something you end up getting fed up. If your job is closely related to your passion your life will be more interesting. A man interested in agriculture did engineering because he got seat in IIT and then ended up in social work as it gave him more satisfaction. This is our state now. We are not aware what we are doing, we are blindly following the herd and then leaving up everything and going back to our passion. Some doesn't have the courage and opportunity to go back and they end up in a life of hell.

Marriage is something great. Two hearts unite together(two families too), yeah it might seem to be a fairy tale story but truth is it happens. When there is no love and trust between them, how come they lead a happy life. Its a big commitment but not a tough one, that you commit to live for the happiness of the other making them happy. And wait you cant make the other person happy unless you are yourself happy and satisfied. This happiness will help you stand together in sorrowful days. And the faith and togetherness of sorrowful days increases your love and belief in each other making you happy.

They say, childbirth is a gift from God. I would say its a responsibility given to you by God. You have lived a life so far, you have crossed hurdles, learnt a lot about life ( you should have), earned money and good things sometimes bad things too... And you are now passing your knowledge and riches to your child so that they may lead a better life than you. and this cycle passes on.

Do you think this is the only way we can live, apart from this cycle you can try more good things which can make your life more interesting. It doesnt mean you can try rape, murder, theft or terrorism. You could paint the world, make a soul smile, wipe someones tears, kill a grudge in your heart, follow your passion, love nature, cook to fill someones stomach(thereby filling their heart), groom yourself(not just your outward appearance, you can groom your soul too), change your bad habits, etc .You have a lot of things to correct in yourself too, its not just for the birth death cycle we are here, we are here for a more wonderful purpose.

Life is like a journey. You are visiting a temple. You might go there to connect with your creator or you might want to drop your worries there or you need to get your expectation fulfilled or you are there to see the architectural details or make the visit a wonderful memory. Its your wish how you make use of the visit gifted to you.

Death, when you die you should have atleast a true heart to cry. Yeah it might be true, beforehand you should have lead a satisfied life. I agree measure of satisfaction differs for everyone. Life is a precious and rare gift. You cant get this moment again and again. Every moment of your life is precious. Taste it before it passes on.

Ending up with my favorite quote

Life is full of beauty. Notice it. Notice the bumble bee, the small child, and the smiling faces. Smell the rain, and feel the wind. Live your life to the fullest potential, and fight for your dreams.

Ashley Smith

The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel

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