Saturday, June 19, 2010

Blue Angel - Chapter 5

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Sathya Jewelers seemed to be having busy morning sales irrespective of the theft. As I walked in I saw a dwarf cute man sitting inside the golden car. It looked so funny and there was a long queue of children waiting for their turn to get inside the golden car. I wondered how these business people get these absurd successful nuances to attract customers. Mr.Jayaram wasn’t available at the showroom. Manager Karthikeyan said he had informed Mr.Jayaram and he would be coming in an hour. I came out to watch the children having fun with the golden car.

Dwarf man was missing now. I just asked the watchman, “Where is the clown?”

“He went to get hot drink for you Sir” was the reply from him.

“What are his works here?”

He said “He is a pet of our boss. He usually helps in little chores in the showroom. He spends his free time in this golden car. Sometimes during afternoons he even sleeps inside the car. “

As I turned back, Sathya was coming in.”Hello sir, Dad is little busy. Did you find the culprit?”

“No Sathya, just came in to clear some doubts.”

“It’s our pleasure to co-operate with you Sir”

“Can you give me the details of all the staff working in the showroom?”

Sathya went inside the office room and brought back a yellow colored old file covered with dust. I handed it over to Varun.

Sathya asked,” Do you need any other thing Sir?”

“No Sathya, I need to purchase a jewel for my sister. Her birthday is nearing and I usually gift a jewel in remembrance of her to some needy people.”

“Oh sure Sir,our manager will take care of your needs. I am leaving sir. Bye”

“Okay bye Sathya. Thanks for spending time with me.”

I walked inside the showroom and looked around to guess how could have the theft occurred.”Would he be a supernatural force”, I thought myself. I purchased an emerald set and paid the bill. Manager Karthikeyan followed me wherever I went. He gave me a cup of hot tea. As I sipped in hot tea, my tired mind and body got refreshed. I felt as though I have got lions power.

“Karthikeyan, do you have doubts on anyone?”

Karthikeyan smiled back and said, “No Sir. All are my friends. I can’t doubt anyone.”

“This case seems so complicated Karthikeyan. But I think I have cracked the case. If my guess is right, I will make out the culprit within 24 hours.”

Karthikeyan was amused and tensed on hearing these words from me.” Is it so Sir? Can you tell me who the culprit is?”

I smiled and winked. “I am too searching for the culprit, Karthikeyan?”

I thanked Karthikeyan for cooperating with me and said that I have to leave for an official meeting. As I walked out of the showroom; my jewel bag slipped down accidentally. Clown who was standing nearby rushed to lift the bag. As I got the bag from him I smiled and inquired what his name was. “Arjun sir.”

“Thankyou Arjun.”

Will be Continued...