Thursday, April 4, 2013

Problems an Indian citizen faces

1.High cost of land. Agricultural lands are being converted into buildings. Poor people couldnt find a land to live, so they have to pay huge rent to reside in the buildings, built by rich people. Environment is badly affected, and food shortage is anticipated.Real estate people are very rich, they are always on the lookout to sell a wasteland for crores
2. Bribe. We can find corruption everywhere just like oxygen spread out in nook and corner.

3.Freebies. Each political party is giving a promise to win the election. For a free television, gas connection, laptop, mixie or grinder people are selling their democratic rights.

4.Natural resources like mountain, river, forests are exploited leading to climatic changes 

5. People are more attracted to western lifestyle, and our traditions and culture are being lost.

6.Medical assistance. Too costly and government hospitals are poor. 

7.People are more behind money and fame, so kindness care and justice has become rare. 

8.Every man thinks Government should do something to improve the country, but he never thinks what he does for the country. 

9. Cleanliness, hygiene is something we miss a lot. 

10. Education has failed to increase the thinking capacity of students, but it pushes them to mug up and score high.Lots of colleges and schools but quality is in decline. 

11.Media,Internet is spoiling the society rather than improving the society. Mindsets should change, learn the good not the bad. Reason before you step out.

12. Farmer who toils day and night doesnt get his tight share, but the intermediate people bargains and earns well. 

13. People earn, save and spend lot in big fat indian weddings. One good thing here is, certain group of people earn well during wedding season. 

14.Security for woman is a major issue. Holes in law helps the culprits a lot. People have to submit to power, so there is no way we can oppose big giants . Police is our friend its said, but he too works for bribe.

15. If cost of food and medicine is high, I think our economy isnt good. 

16. Pollution. 

17.Religious clashes. Every religion wants to prove their God is the best. 

18. Politicians. We need good leaders. Politician who can listen to basic needs of common man is a need for the hour.

19. Power Shortage. Rather than opening the nuclear power plant, I would love to see some eco friendly options. With this hot climate, I think Government should opt to harness solar power.Instead of investing crores of money in nuclear power plant they could have used that money to improve existing infrastructure. Even if the nuclear power plant starts working, I dont think the power generated would satiate the large demand. I am little angry with the partiality shown on urban and rural areas. Capital of Tamilnadu enjoying just two hour power cut, but others have to face more than 16 hour powercut.

20. We have a rich tradition, wonderful lifestyle, we can improve it by learning from others. Why should we throw it and move on to something we dont know?

I have listed few of the problems I face, what about you. What should we do to improve our life.
The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel
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