Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Angel - Chapter 1

As I gazed outside my office window, I saw a bubbly teenage girl walking swiftly. She was of wheatish complexion with bright eyes and dark, thick hair.  So vibrant was she in her blue salwar and I couldn’t take off my eyes from her. Something was peculiar in her. Her face was so calm and bright, that everyone would wish to respect her. My eyes swallowed her, she was about to cross my visible area, it seemed to me as though I was missing my life. I was about to curse my eyes for not being able to view through obstacles. Wow! This is what people say luck. Today luck was in favor of me. She just slowed down and I peeped to find what’s she going to do. She steadily walked down the lawn of a nearby bungalow.

I haven’t seen her before. The bungalow belongs to a rich businessman who is also my family friend. He is living there along with his grandson. I really wondered why she went there. No work was done that day as I couldn’t move my eyes from the window. It was time to leave office. So hesitantly, I packed my bag, took my key and walked out of my office. As I walked towards my red Indica I glanced into the bungalow, my blue angel and Amit were playing chess. Amit used to be standing near the gate with the gardener, whenever I leave office. He used to give me a broad smile, whenever he sees me. Amit’s parents are living in America. He is here in the comforts of his lovely grandpa. Amit longed for kindness and care from his parents. Being a very naughty and intelligent boy, he has stolen the hearts of all in the bungalow.

Blue Angel may be grandpa’s relative and she would have come here to look after Amit. This was the thought running in my mind. I went home happily, as I could have a glimpse of my blue angel even for the days to come. The next day I got up early and prepared for office. Dressed in red shirt and jeans, I felt I was smarter than ever before. With a brown leather bag in my left hand, I bolted my door and came out. The day was so hot, I got into the driving seat and switched on the air condition. As I crossed my street I turned on the stereo. Celine Dion’s That’s the way it is, filled the air. Luckily because of fewer traffic, I reached office before 8:30. Grandpa was leisurely sitting on the verandah in his usual white and white outfit and was just looking through the paper uninterestedly. I locked my car and walked towards the bungalow. As I opened the gate, grandfather saw me.

He laid down the paper and wished me “Good morning lad”. I smiled back with a good morning in my lips. I just looked around casually, trying to have a glimpse at my blue angel. Couldn’t find any traces of Amit or Blue Angel in the surroundings. I asked  “Grandpa, where is Amit?”

Grandpa replied “Amit has gone to the church. Today is Amits seventh birthday. My son and daughter-in-law wished him through mail. Amit is very angry that his mom and dad hadn’t come home for this birthday too. He refused to attend the call from my son Deepak. Reshma only pacified him and took him to the church. “

Oh! Reshma, sweet name, I thought myself and asked grandpa “Who is Reshma, grandpa?”. I was curious to know more details about her. He smiled and his face started exhibiting lot of wrinkles as though he is going to roll back the time wheel. I started to prepare myself for a good old flashback.

Will be Continued....
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