Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My life as a poetess

I have written poems during my school days, shared it with my friends. My first poem was about my cat Judy. I wrote few more poems and won inter school poetry competitions.As I moved to college, I totally forgot Poetry. The engineering books didnt teach me poetry but the people I met, the day to day experiences shaped me as a poetess.

After my education, I wanted to do something different. An ardent fan of Robert Frost,I love his poem "The Road Not Taken". I decided to choose a path that would give my soul joy and satisfaction.

I created a blog Blogging life started by sharing my thoughts. I collected interesting facts and posted it in my blog.I got lot of good comments and encouraging words from netizens. When I have decided not to go for a job, I had to face criticisms and very long lectures from friends and family. I stayed calm. I knew, that wasn't my way

The life I has walked on, the people I have met, my keen observation, tender heart, and above all God pushed me into writing. On Jan 24, 2010 I wrote again a new poem. Poetess Shalini had her rebirth.

That was really a blessed date. While talking to my mother, she teased me my poems in school where like prose. I got little angry and challenged her, will write a poem in minutes and lets see if its like prose or poem. That poem was


Charming tiny four letters

But deeper than Pacific;

Wider than Universe;

Complicated to realize,

midst millions of theories;

Not certain when it starts

And when it ends,

Even the days in between are not ours,

Yet We love our LIFE !!!

And after that I wrote many poems. I had a break in 2011, I later knew Poetry makes me happy, so again in 2013, writing poems to escape from folly.

Some important checkpoints in my poetic journey


My first poem to Muse India "Canine Competitor" got selected for your space forum.


The poem Passed Away Pain won Best Author of this month(February 2011) award.

Few tamil poems published in nilacharal e-magazine


The poem Behind the Window published in 22nd issue of Tajmahal Review(VOLUME 11 NUMBER 2 DEC. 2012) an international literary journal.


The poem "Crow's Ambush" captures a little space in the anthology "Inklinks" along with noted authors like APJ Abdul Kalam,Kapil Sibal,Gulzar, Ruskin Bond and lot more.

Got an opportunity to be editor in chief of a budding emagazine "Fragrance". A good experience and I learn a lot while reading loads of poems from contributors and am able to understand an editors mindset too.

I am now sub editor of The Literary Jewels magazine. Editor Ms. Amritbir Kaur has given me a precious opportunity. Learning the nuances of editing poetry from her.

My poems got published in Destiny Poets, UK and the poem Childs Play got the honour of Highly commended of the month February.

My Poem "Nightmare" fills Page 64 of "Wordsmiths in their Verse" Anthology

You can stay connected :

My inspiration and motivation:

God, mother, the environment I live, my teachers, family, friends, society, nature, my life, books, etc.

Special thanks to God (for this life), my grand father S.G. Samuel for his special blessings, my mother for encouraging me, my headmistress Ms. Audry Rodrigues( teaching me to love poems) Muse India, Poets Corner, Writers Globe, Destiny Poets Ramesh Anand little Haiku master from India, Kumarendra Mallick sir, then editor of yourspace Muse India, Rinzu Rajan, poetess my friends Aaron Herbert Singh( most of the time he irritates me and I have to write a poem to vent out the hatred) , Rajarajan ( The first poem on print "Behind the Window" was written after seeing the painting he shared), Waseem(he made me an editor of Fragrance) Amritbir Kaur(who is guiding this little idiot to edit poems) Shah Fazli(for giving me great opportunity to meet the world, and above all made me brave)

The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel


sushmitha said...

Wow ! What a journey was yours Shalini , really its inspiring for me. While reading all your posts, somewhere I feel some coincidence. Me too love Robert Frost's writing's. Your header photo of the blog contains my favorite lines of Frost and I love reading your posts. It is soulful. Many many congratulations on your achievements :) Keep going :)

Anonymous said...

Another coincidence is there Sushmitha.. I too love plants :)

sushmitha said...

Good to know that Shalini :) keep going :)

sushmitha said...

Good to know that Shalini :) Keep going :)