Saturday, June 26, 2010

We are ONE

Returning home after a dreadful failure;

On the way home I met my friends

Most didn’t even dare to look at me

For they feared I would ask them help

Few just smiled and talked pointlessly

Their talks injured my heart further

And very few gems where waiting for me,

At the end of the road with love and care,

To carry me out of this dreadful hell

I knew now some true and pure hearts,

Who will stand by me in my joys and sorrows.

I am not alone, we are ONE


As I entered home my mom was there

With a broad smile welcoming me home

My dad came with a kind pat

Siblings with the same naughty smile

They were kinder than ever before

My wife invited me for dinner

Kids dropped their home works

And saw me with fear in their eyes

My weak smile gave them courage

They came running and hugged me

Wiped tears filling my eyes

And kissed me with wholesome love


I thanked failure for showing me

People with true and pure love

It’s easier to get into heaven

With these people beside me

I can climb any mountain of failure

In my horrible lane to victory

For I have a battalion of true spirits

To support and encourage me

I understood today that

We may fight, we may quarrel

But we are always ONE

Connected by the thread family


As I laid down on my bed

A sweet thought popped up my mind

We may be divided by religion,

We may be divided by race,

But we are always ONE

Connected by the thread nationality

Why can’t a nation say so?

We may come from different land,

We may follow different customs

But we are always ONE

Connected by the thread human

Why can’t the world say so?

Shalini Samuel
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