Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Eternal Love

As I stroll down the aisle

My thoughts reversed

To the good old days

We had been together


Red Rose portrayed by mind

Bloomed into reality

Was so stern

But calm


Love crept

Into my heart

A secret

I love to treasure



I believe

She is my verve

I trust

Her decisions



But she

Took a choice

To break my hope

She is undyingly sincere


Her verdict though sharp

I bend over to it, for

I love her ceaselessly

Her laughter is what I yearn

Note: Wrote this poem on request from my friend Sonu Singh. Hope I have sketched it out beautifully.

Structure of the poem indicates, though there are setbacks and hurdles( shorter lines) in love, love never fades it remains the same(just as first and last paragraphs) forever. It keeps on increasing. :-)