Sunday, July 25, 2010

Blue Angel - Chapter 6

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Happily whistled and appreciating myself for my detective work, I entered Jayarams home. Mrs.Jayaram received me with morning coffee and a broad smile. As I was sipping my share of coffee, fragrance of jasmine filled the room. Thought to myself Sathya would be getting ready for his lovers birthday party. He had invited me the previous day itself.

Mr.Jayaram came in, his forehead covered with sandal and vermillion.

He eagerly queried, “Have you found the culprit Satish?”

I smiled at him. “If it was your prayer today morning, God had answered your prayer Sir.”

He jumped out in excitement, “Who is he? I don’t even want to punish him, if he would handover to me the jewels safely.”

I gave a puzzled look, “Is it true Sir, I thought of asking pardon on behalf of the thief from you.”

“Yes Satish, who is he can I know the details?”

By this time Sathya and Mrs.Jayaram too had come to the drawing-room. They were eagerly waiting to know about the theft.

“Yeah I am going to tell you everything. I know you are all eagerly waiting to see this mysterious thief. He is a person well-known to you. One among your friends is the culprit.

Don’t thing he has betrayed you Sir, he took it just to wear and glimpse it, but due to circumstances he couldn’t return it back. If you promise to pardon him, I would introduce him or else he will remain a mystery forever.”

Jayaram said, “Thanks a lot Satish. I never thought, it would be possible to trace down the jewels. I don’t want to see any of my friends as a culprit. Maybe they would have done it accidentally, but once named as thief, it will be a black spot on them. Hand over the jewels to me. Let the culprit remain a mystery.”

Moved by his talk “Varun would be bringing the jewels to your office in an hour Sir.”

Sathya asked, “How did he steal from the closed room Sir. At least will you say about it.”

“Sathya, If I have to narrate it, you will easily find his name too.”

Will be Continued....
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