Sunday, July 25, 2010

Ups and Downs

Friends and Foes far and wide

Smiles and frowns all over

Darkness and radiance around me

Joys and Sorrows the world over

Countless duos fleeting my life trail

Each with their own ups and downs


Every pair educated me on a life facet

Friends following showing love and care

Twists into foes abruptly showing betrayal

Smile brought forth scores of steadfast friends

Frown covered face kept my kith and kin at bay

Darkness proved me luminescence’s worthiness

Radiance glared blinding my eyes

Joys, I wasn’t able to see anyone

Sorrows, all were seeing me pitifully


Each couple visited my life at least once

One partner showed me all ups in life

I wasn’t aware there is a steep slope

Down refined me removing my pride

Showing me reality, preparing to meet next up

At times couples had a get-together in my life

Rejoicing, screaming, crying, and troubling.

Emotions expressed but never parted


More paradoxically tied couples

Passed my life now and then

Positive and negatives fused together

Decorating my life with colorful lights

Talking to me each day, their offspring’s

Preparing to face more tough couples

In my long journey of life

-----Shalini Samuel