Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mercy Beast

Malathi was on her way back home after collecting firewood from the forest. She was so happy today, for she got lot of tasty fruits. Her children would be eagerly waiting for her, to taste something she brings from the forest. She was walking fast, braving the strong wind trying to knock her. The firewood on her head was tautly tied and her walking was rhythmic so they remain balanced in her head. The bag full of fruits was tied around her neck.


As she was walking her mind was busy painting the thoughts of her cheerful children.Suddenly there was a screeching noise from the nearby bush. As it wasn’t anything unusual, she thought of moving away. The bush gave way to a big yellow cat. She was standing there still watching the breathtaking scene. She never knew a miraculous event is going to happen the next second.


A leopard came out with a baboon clutched in his mouth. The Baboon was crying out in pain. She could see the pains of delivery and the pain of dying on the face of the baboon. She had never ever seen such a scene in the jungle before. The ferocious eye of the leopard made her helpless but just cry for the pitiful baboon.


The leopard dragged the baboon eagerly to dine it. In the meantime the baboon delivered a cute little baboon. Malathi couldn't bear the scene. What a sad thing, she thought. Mother is being killed for food in front of its infants own eyes. Mother babbon was pitifully watching the child. Mother would have prayed to God to take care of its loving child. I couldn't see dying fear in her eyes; she was only worried about leaving the new born child alone in this fearful world.

“What’s it? Is it true?” Malathi marveled, even pinched herself to confirm whether it was factual. She could see kindness hiding the fierce eyes of the leopard. It removed its strong clutch from the mother. But anyhow God has destined the soul to leave the mother baboon at that second. Malathi turned her eyes to the leopard with a fear he would harm the child too. But what happened was something incredible.


The leopard gave a kind look to the little fellow. Leopard gave a friendly touch with his paw. Baboon trembling in fear, moved back. Leopard carried the infant carefully to the top of a nearby tree. With love, the leopard licked the baboon. Baboon seemed to hate the leopard; he was trying to hide himself from the big cat. After sometime the baboon too became friendly with the leopard.


Malathi stood there shocked. Her mind was filled with happiness and sadness simultaneously. She was bit confused about what was happening in front of her eyes. She walked away, uncertain that anyone in her neighborhood would believe this story. She wondered even a beast had mercy which mankind is slowly loosing. Malathi felt every creation of God is a best teacher provided we have the patience and interest to grasp from it.


Wrote this inspired by the video Mixed my imagination with this real incident.

Happy Teachers Day.

Thanking everyone who have  helped me in my journey of learning.
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