Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Heroic Citizen

In tatters, naïve, covered by mud and dust

Aged curls, ignorant of water for ages

Wrinkles concealing howling petite eyes

Says a tale something miserable but optimistic


Known to me as a customary gatecrasher

Unknown, what he carried in his big bags

Never worries when people yell at him

Never concerns responding harsh queries


Was he mad? No he is never senseless

Was he a beggar? No in no way he pleads

Was he deaf? No he hears blowing horns

Was he a thief? No steals thrown out wastes


One fine evening my quest had an end

Reality painted a wonderful answer

A rag picker, he sells whatever collected

Little he earns would feed him the day.


Unknowingly promoting an eco friendly world

Person I admire for his boundless strong will

Lesson he renders is a priceless treasure

Unknowingly he has become a heroic citizen


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