Wednesday, June 8, 2011


My melting heart moulds into a poem of eternal love

Unseen debated origin, made my girl howl fierce

Covered wavy blue, with muddy skin, her voice a melody

Her rhythmic dance with never ending spin, graceful

Ladylove's green attire made her even more beautiful

A hat bright and shiny, blue, unbreakable but tender


She brushes my rough face with her fingers so tender

Sweetie, am fully drunk and sinking in your love

Cause of you, even my thoughts and actions are beautiful

Her passionate stare, piercing my heart with fierce

She would move her green blue body, so graceful

Doubtless, our ceaseless love is a calming melody


When sad she comforts my soul singing divine melody

When joyful she stands by with a kiss so tender

When jaded she entertains me, her performances graceful

When harms drown me, embraces me with love

When left helpless, defends enemies with fierce

 I glow in her love, my face nowadays beautiful


Ugly I felt, she said, to my eyes you are beautiful

Hid my hoarse voice, but to her it’s a melody

Worried of terrible temper, she loved when I was fierce

Ashamed once cheated, she found a heart tender

Inferior to her, she packed the space with love

Expressed my gratitude, for my life really graceful


She rewarded me with a smile, extremely graceful

Overwhelmed, I admired her snow white attire, beautiful!

Some days she showered and made me drench in love

Happily gifting flowers dancing and singing melody

Frightened she is, felt her shivering body so tender

Angry she wore dull outfit, walking fast and fierce


On witnessing evil, she answered peacefully but awfully fierce

Noticing kind people, she nurtured them fairly graceful

When friends visited, she greeted them with warm smile so tender

Shared her assets with me, which were strikingly beautiful

Midst, she made my immortal life a cheerful melody

Her muddy praying hands protects me with love


Oh fierce lady, our children are destroying your assets, once beautiful

I am helpless; I wasn’t able to protect you, my graceful melody

Your tender serene beauty in decline, yet you are still my love

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