Saturday, August 20, 2011

Stringent Prayer

Drenched in your motherly care
Grateful to your kindness
I rejoice you every day
Every second of my life is yours
Let you be my speech, action and life.
Mother I know you will never hurt me
I am suffering, I can’t bear the pain
Did I commit any blunder ma
Say me what should I do now
I need your love and care.
I have to pass this test of my life
Guide me the way out of this test
Make me sinless, clean my heart
Remove the darkness showing the truth
Don’t put my name in foul mouths
I have been a symbol of burden
I am the reason for others worries
Ma, bless my dawn
I should wake up happy
Or I shouldn’t wake up forever
Take me with you
For am a burden to earth
-----Shalini Samuel
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