Thursday, October 27, 2011


Tangles of life, am unaware

Cobwebbed in worldly affairs

I look unto my father,everyday

I am a dust fell off from Him,

I wish to unite with Him again

My affectionate father, Jesus,

You are the truth, I couldnt see

Whatever my eyes see, is fake.

World is your playful dream

Who am i?  i am nobody

Everything is You, Jesus

I ain’t afraid of darkness

I know you are leading me

Your presence felt every second

I only fear of losing my grip on you

Don’t veil your face dear God

I have fallen in love with you

Wish to be with you always

I surrender my life to you

My joys and sorrows

Placing it on your feet

I am burdenless as you are with me

I know world is fake

My life is just a dream

Nothing to be proud of

I bow my head before thee

Humble is the jewel I adore

What’s more than loving You?

I love all your creations

I admire you dear Superior

I want to be your finest devotee

I wish I should be your best child

Your most favorite creation

Humbly writing these lines

Through the hands you gave

On the hearts you created
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