Thursday, January 10, 2013

My Drawing Experiences

Recent drawing by me in mspaint

My genes have an aversion towards drawing. During my grandpa’s era, drawing exams were so stringently conducted in school!!! After one such examination, when the teacher distributed the evaluated papers, he didn’t give my grandpa’s paper. At the end, the teacher proclaimed”ingu oruvar eli varaya sonnatharku sinai eli varainthirukirar” (To draw a rat, a person here has drawn a pregnant rat) and gave punishment too.The person who drew that wonderful rat was none other than my lovely grandpa.Ha Ha Ha….

Mom as well is not good in drawing. For her to pencil in, a straight line with the aid of a scale is itself difficult. Dad, though a civil engineer also is not excellent in drawing, but far better than others in our family. Furthermore he is very good in tracing (helped me a lot). With this finer genes inherited, how would have been my drawing skill… It would have come across many humorous incidents na… That’s what I am sharing with you in this blog…

Starting from my kindergarten, I will just recount my memorable drawing experiences. As you all would be familiar with drawing and coloring test in our kindergartens I will begin from it. When you see my report slip (still preserving) I will be having an ‘A’ for everything except two major talents. You would have guessed one talent. The other one is singing (shall talk about it in another post).Have even got Very Poor grade in these talents…But one advantage I possess is, I have good color sense, if somebody gives me a pencil drawing, I am talented to brilliantly color it. As a result home-works will be good-looking.

A hard to believe event happened after my kindergartens. I got first prize in a drawing competition at school!!! In actual fact, even I too can’t believe it. But that was the only reward I got for drawing (till now, may be in future I will get more rewards).There’s an intriguing story behind this prize.

The competitions were announced ahead of one month and drawing was obligatory. We were on our half-yearly vacations. Christmas decorations were going on at my domicile. I was insisting my dad to teach me to draw something for the competition. I was afraid friends would laugh at my drawing skill. I thought I would practice and do better in the competition. My dad was decorating the manger with a plastic santa-claus which was flat and medium-sized. Out of the blue, an idea hit his mind. He took me to the table, gave a paper placed the santa-claus on the paper and asked to make an outline of it(tracing king na). Wow really a beautiful santa-claus. I practiced with this plastic pattern for one month. You know that I am good in coloring na…Finally I grabbed the prize.

Again from sixth to tenth standard I had to suffer, because of this biology records(red and green colored records). Very complex drawings, what to do? Moreover we have to draw the pictures in our class-work too. Above all drawing in exam is so difficult na. In my eighth standard, for botany class-work my mom drew a diagram and to our surprise, madam gave “very good” for the diagram. Mom used to say we should frame and keep it. I had a friend she is very good in drawing, she helped me in tenth biology records. My dad with the help of an electric bulb and a glass piece taught me to take trace from books. This technique helped me a lot.

I was preparing for my tenth biology exam, in zoology there was a lesson about frog(think it’s the second lesson, not sure), we had to practice drawing excretory system, digestive system, nervous system and reproductive system of frog. To my horror if I drew a frog it looked like an extraterrestrial. I was afraid about what I will do in the exam. Even in my dreams, frogs came!!! On the eve of my exam, my mom, dad and my well-wishers prayed that there should be no question about frog. Luckily I left it in choice.

As regards selection of subjects in higher-secondary, I was so cautious. I avoided biology and took Mathematics with Computer Science. The two years I was free from drawing phobia.

During engineering admission, yet again I became vigilant in choosing branch of study. I collected the syllabus for all branches. Engineering drawing was a paper for all branches during first year. I have phobia for the word drawing itself na. Information technology was the only branch which was devoid of this paper (only during my batch, think God has helped me a lot). So I happily chose Information Technology which was my wish too. Though I avoided engineering drawing, I was caught in Workshop record. Luckily one of my neighbors, a civil student who is good in drawing helped me…

After that I didn’t have any problems involving drawing, somehow managed all hurdles, but was still poor in drawing. Everything was going smooth. Again problems arose in the form of flash practicals, but to my surprise, none criticized my drawings. Think I would have improved my drawing skill at that time. For the final practicals I was asked to do an animation of “Elephant riding a tricycle”. I was able to draw something. I dunno how it was!!!

Still used to scribble something in MS Paint!!! But thats a secret.


Destination Infinity said...

You could have scanned one of your drawings and put it up here... Public demand!! Do you have that elephant on a tricycle? :P

I have always been an expert in drawings, right from my childhood (just like you). Have a look at this -


Anonymous said...

Posted my recent drawin friend ;) Still i am trying my best to draw well ;)