Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Braid brushing -Cheek blushing

On June 29, 1985 I had very few black hairs, scattered here and there over five acres of scalp. My mothers love for hot water had burnt lot of my hairs, just a guess. But luckily, very soon, the entire five acres were filled with hairs.With a good dark thick black forest as my crown, I had to meet fever often. 
After enjoying bob cut, I wished to have little long hair. Pony tail days were very good. I loved the way my hair bounced. School uniform demanded my hair to be braided. During vacation, my mother used to keep me lot of oil, divide into two equal parts and braid it. The ends used to be soft and looked like a brush. In school friends used to awe at that brush like bushy end. When people saw me they  often asked me, how come the braid end so silky and bushy. I just smiled at them. My braids were sometimes longer, sometimes shorter.
When I get sick, the biggest problem was my hair fall. But by Gods grace it grows back. I wonder if it never grew back, I would be having five acre plain land as my crown. During summer, it sweats lot, making my hair wet, leading to fever and cold. It never dries up easily, so during school days, my head meets water only once a week. Even with these medical problems I wanted it to grow long and to be true, I loved those braids. Floating braids to the front, I admired the way they swing as i walk.

Now I have finished school and before entering college, I need a new hairstyle. Decided to unite the two braids into one. Wow, I look matured now. Felt like I have grown up. But now I missed floating my braid to the front. Why should I worry, I pulled the single braid to the front. I loved the way the braid brushed my cheeks.It then became a trademark of me. Again when I wear saree or when I kept Jasmine flowers, I was forced to move the braid back. On those days, I badly miss my braid.

After all these weird hair styles, my hair has become weak and dry.Long travel as a day scholar and rough weather made my hair frizzy. It lost its shine. With split ends popping out, braiding my hair was no longer an option. As my health had a little dip, my hair began to recede. My health is directly proportional to my happiness. So cruel, isnt it? Once again after nearly  five long years my hair grew fresh and strong. With the help of Dove Split end rescue system, my hair once again brushes my cheek and makes me blush.

Tips for your hair:

* Avoid hot treatments for your hair.
*Avoid coloring your hair.
*When you travel tie your hair tightly.
*A well balanced diet filled with vitamins and iron.
* Keep oil and have head bath daily.
* Shampoo your hair once a week.
*Natural products are best for your hair.

The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel
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