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A review I wrote for Daniels Diary...
Thankyou Rajeshwari Chauhan for adding it in your site.. humbled and honoured by your kind gesture...Love you and your work...

Every word of the novel shows author’s prowess in paintings, history, archaeological sites, philosophy, and so on... 

Daniel’s Diary begins with a romantic encounter. Mrinalini, a smart intelligent girl begins her travel and so our journey too. She takes us to an old Palace and introduces its descendant, its customs, art and architecture. She is on an official visit to renovate the paintings in Sumangarh Palace. Meanwhile Mrinalini gets a new companion, a little bubbly boy. He is also interested in painting and they join hands. With the help of driver Surajsinh, she discovers something special and that leads to Daniels diary. Yes reading others diary might be a crime. But that’s not same with an antique diary, am I right?

The diary seems so interesting taking them into ancient Mughal Kingdom. Along with Mrinalini we too can read the scintillating love story that happened between a Mughal emperor and his Rajput Queen. Daniels pitiful life touches our heart and brings tears in our eyes. Why Daniel leaves Agra and what’s his relationship with Sumangarh is the plot of his diary. How Mrinalini discovers Daniels Diary, what she discovers from the diary and how her life changes are revealed slowly. Like a bud blossoming into a rose, the mysterious story reveals itself. One by one the mysteries line up, how Daniel meets Mahamaya and why did he kill her? Why was he imprisoned and is he good or bad? So many questions might come up in your head. Now and then we forget the mysteries and get engrossed in the romantic history.

If Daniels life touches your heart, Mrinalini’s thought provoking and brave words and action might lead you to a new arena. The novel is filled with meaningful thought provoking couplets, indeed a treat to poetry lovers. Every word of novel shows authors prowess in paintings, history, archaeological sites, philosophy and so on. Mrinalini’s encounters with Arrow makes us smile. Susan’s anger, Mrs Chopras complaining behaviour, etc… every character has been portrayed wonderfully. Daniel is the hero and he wins every heart.

A diary written centuries back speaks and guides, moreover touches millions of hearts!!!

Author of the book : Rajeshwari Chauhan
The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel

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