Sunday, March 20, 2016

A women's broken heart

My dearmost enemy,
This day I wage a war against you
The weapon I take is my pen
The fuel is your gift of betrayal
Let this sweet revenge be for a good cause
Let no man cheat a girl in the pretext of love
Let no family harass a girl for money
Thanks for laughing at my innocence
You made me burn like a never ending fire
Let me stand for every woman who suffered my pain
And the pains beyond, that was left uncared
From this very minute success is my destination
I would not stop a second, the day you will die is near
A death where, your body is alive, but your soul is dead
You could never share your pains, but you should keep smiling
That's what you gift to innocent girls who believe in you, right?
I wish you will hear my name everywhere, even in your washroom
My success will reach your table, your desktop and mobile
To whichever nations you run, it will catch you behind
If you run to the seas or even to heaven, there is no escape
Let your life become the same dreadful jail you gifted women
Tit for tat, has never been my policy. You call me for the war
Defence was my choice, but I leave it today. I demand your ruin
To the very soil from where you came. I wish to see you in pieces
Let men who support my cause be with me. I respect them
But never you. Your unfaithful selfish heart deserves more
Let the mouth that smiled with you, smile at you 
Get ready, your doomsday is near. 
Let no man get the courage to do what you did
Oh sorry. I cant agree you are a man 
If I did I am disrespecting my protecting brotherhood
On the day I defeat you and your scoundrel companions
Every woman will live in the world with respect and peace
This very village girl whom you laughed at will be your sky
From which you can never escape, unless you go blind
This very little girl you thought who was a crap
Will be the revenging Goddess who burns evil
You will regret every day for hurting women's feelings 
Gone or the days when women will lose their life for men's timepass
A new era is blooming where she turns her burning anger into victory 
Hail women power! We are born to succeed.
The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel

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