Saturday, August 13, 2016

Fight for peace

The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel

It was a wonderful experience writing for such a good cause. My heartfelt thanks to respected Dr. Yayati Madan G Gandhi and the people behind The Poetry Society of India.The poem I send for the International Poetry Festival follows

Fight for Peace
When the smoke from the bombs reach the high skies
the babies in the womb shiver, the mother trembles
their future or hers, which one to worry for?
the tanks, the soldiers marching provides fear than security
Down there, the wife of a soldier does poojas and prayers
Dear God save my husband, she cries during sleepless nights
the terrorists, had turned their heart rock, fighting for some goal
Are they at peace? Are they sadists to kill millions?
Down their heart, there would be some love for someone, isn't it?
Fighting for peace everyone keeps fighting, what is peace?
Everyone gives different answer, which one to take, puzzled I am
When a man loses his peace, he will fight arrogantly, I feel
Love is blind. Even hatred is blind. Why do you hate your kindred?
You kill animals for prey, hides, tusks and for all selfish reasons
You kill plants for food, paper, furniture. You call it development.
And did you stop there. You have started killing men and women.
To loot, to grab land, to dominate, to exhibit your arrogant power.
Gifting death is a cake walk for you. You wish to rule world
Dear men, will you fight, until the last man falls on mud.
After killing flora and fauna, men and women, what will you rule?
the sand and the sweltering sun or the dead and their memories
What will you rule? What will you admire? What will you kill then?
When everything is lost, you have two ways to move on
Love all or hate all. But then what is the use of it?
Who will you love and who will you hate?
Even to show your hatred, you need lives on earth. Ain''t it?
If your arrogance can bring peace across the world
You should have got it long back. Akin fools you keep fighting
To quench your arrogant stubborn heart in the name of peace.
I know, you will keep fighting, and I wish you all the best.
Cowards fight, but the brave solves every problem peacefully
I wish to stand with the brave men of the world.

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