Thursday, June 25, 2009


Some of my friends are recurrently debating with me concerning my belief of God. So I would like to plainly put down my views about Almighty. I love Almighty who I accept as true, created me and shaped my life. I don’t know what’s his name or where he lives or how he is, but I trust some superficial force is following me ,guiding me, consoling me, protecting me, etc.
I usually, be in awe, how God created this gorgeous universe. He would have been so compassionate; he loves man albeit man has almost ruined one of his creations “The blue earth”. Furthermore human being is exploring cosmos to demolish it too.
Imagine, you have toiled a lot to craft a dazzling bronze statue (just an example you can substitute with whatever you like the most). It took nearly 20 years (just imagination) for you to make it. Each one esteemed your work. You offered it to your friend believing he will treasure it. One fine day you got up from bed and you find the statue destroyed, in front of your eyes by your trusted friend. What will be your feeling? Won’t you be embarrassed? You will hate that person for lifelong na…
But God is really great, He created a very spectacular universe, He gifted Earth to his adorable friend human. He gifted us life, reasoning power, senses and lot more so we can be aware of the pleasures of his creation. What we humans had done. We exploited nature. Isn’t it? God is still tolerantly waiting for man to comprehend his generosity.
A mans belief in God, whatever the belief may be is, vital. Faith in God provides us vigor to face our day- to-day challenges. Peace, unity, care, preserving Nature, honesty, humility, modesty, contended life will make earth ornate and will eventually please God.
I feel I am infantile to put on display, my views regarding Almighty, so I wish; I would bring the debate to an end. I believe in God and consequently don’t wish to argue about it.

Note: Just my humble view, and not to hurt anyone...
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