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What do you think of writing blogs? Are you feeling that I have no valuable work and that’s why I am doing this insignificant job. This post is to clarify your suspicions. When I read about blogs in newspapers and magazines, I didn’t know that it would enthrall me too.

Blog captivates our expensive time. Prior to March I was a sheer blog Reader. Routine blogging has changed me a lot. It brings great contentment and joy to express in black and white, without any fetters. I zealously observe each and every happening around me to find something I could put out in my blog. While conversing with people, my ears sharpen, trying to augment my database.

Reading has been my hobby just from my kindergarten. Thanks to my mom for introducing me to good books apart from school lessons at a very young age. And shouldn't forgot my dad too, who bought me russian story books as well as puzzle books. During college and high school level, I couldn’t continue my leisure pursuit but was contented with reading lot of magazines. Blogging replenished my love for deep reading. I love variety reading rather than confined to a single genre. Detective novels are my favorite.Love historical novels too. Reading and blogging helped perk up my lexis.

Long back, school friends would speculate why I hate watching movies and that idiot-box. I would be contemplating; won’t they get fed up off watching movies? When friends used to discuss about latest movies, actors, actress, etc I used to be just gazing, since I was not aware of anything about their conversation.They used to avoid discussing about movies in my company. During my college days (from 2nd year of my u.g.) I started watching movies. I watched just to know about it, so it would be easier to mingle with my friends. My school friends were wondering, what changed shalu. But at present I think it’s a big mistake, I have ravaged precious seconds. Most movies I would just see the beginning and ending, read about it in reviews and discuss about it as though I have seen it. Though I hate idiot-box I love hearing radio. Anyhow movie watching didn’t suit me well. It was not my arena. Now once again back on my track, thanks to blogging. Blogging brought me back to my arena of reading.

After my post graduation, I got ample time to read books. Acquainted with my nearest library and got five cards, still it’s not sufficient. Librarian is so strict too. Surfing also has become my modern hobby. As time changes hobbies too change na. Being a netizen from 2002, I have browsed a lot. I marvel; how this splendid technology can be used to increase our knowledge, communicate with people across the world, publish our creations, etc. Some of my favorite websites are, and definitely

I enjoyed reading and surfing. Yet something disturbed me. I was not giving out my knowledge to anyone. Blogging was the idea that lit up my mind. Though I couldn’t share everything, I hope that I will contribute my best.

Think you love reading my blog, since you have read all over till the end. Thank you for your appreciations as well constructive criticisms. Hope you will be with me in the long journey of blogging .
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