Monday, May 17, 2010

Blue Angel-Chapter 2

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Grandpa looked deep into my eyes and started giving me the details. I sharpened my ear and looked at him eagerly.

“Reshma is my elder-brothers grand-daughter. She will be staying here till she finishes her bachelors in Medicine”, his reply came bluntly. I thought he would say more, but he remained silent. I was bit shy to ask more regarding her. Out of my curiosity, I asked “Where is she doing her bachelors?”

He reluctantly replied, “ In Government Medical College. She will be attending classes by next week“.I guessed that Reshma would be staying here as college was nearer to the bungalow. I understood, I couldn’t get more words regarding this subject from grandpa. So safely changed the topic to Amit. We were talking about Amits parents. It was already 9:11 and still they haven’t returned from church. There was no other way, I had to return to office.

Back in office, my secretary had come and he was waiting for my presence. I understood he has some important news for me. As I came in I queried “Varun whats the matter? Anything serious?”

He informed me about an abnormal theft that took place in Crimson Street the previous day. It seemed to be something extra ordinary as the shop remained undisturbed and locks were bolted, but the things inside disappeared. Rumors too started spreading that it was work of some evil effect. So I decided to go to the spot to investigate more regarding the theft. Before leaving I checked the revolver in my inner pocket.

While returning from Crimson Street, I saw Amit standing in front of an ice-cream parlor. I slowed my car and shouted “ Hai Amit. Happy birthday”. Got down and walked to him. I haven’t bought any presents for him. Gave him 500 Rupees and asked him to buy whatever he wishes. He happily hugged me and said “ Thankyou Uncle. I won’t spent this money. I will keep it safe with me, in remembrance of you”. I was really moved by his answer, tears flooded my eyes. I lifted him and kissed him.

I asked him “Why are you standing here Amit? Where is Blue Angel?” He looked at me puzzled.” Oh Sorry, Where is Reshma?”

Amit said she was inside the parlor and she would come after paying the bills. Meanwhile Reshma came there. This is the first time, I am seeing her face, so near. Sculpted long nose was the first thing I saw. It was so pointed. Her eyes were so innocent. She gave me a broad smile. Today she was clad in blue sari. I introduced myself “ I am Satish, I am running a private detective agency. My office is opposite Amit's residence”.

Blue Angel smiled and started speaking. The voice was so musical; it seemed to be a very familiar voice. I am sure, I have heard this voice before. She said”Nice to meet you, Sir. I am Reshma. I am doing my MBBS in Govt Medical college”. I couldn’t here any of her words. I smiled mechanically. She turned back to Varun and started talking with him. I was scratching my head to know about that musical voice. My mind said” You have heard this voice before. You know her “. With a heavy heart, I moved away from the place

Will be continued...
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