Thursday, June 3, 2010


Stare , straight into my eyes
Evergreen in my mind
Your electric eyes
Lights up my dull face
Memories following like shadow
Provides me Lions strength
Every cell of mine
Speaks your greatness
My soul rejoices seeing
Your rare naughty smile
Your magnetic sweet voice
Runs down every nerve of mine
Our thoughts never ever differ
For their origin is same
Lovely Long hands
With long lean fingers
Adds beauty to your actions
Your tender tiny ears
Turning red to exhibit anger
Majestic walking a proof
Of your straight forwardness
Wonder how your criticisms
Never ever wounded me
Even your jokes
Have tinge of intelligence
Brilliance in every move
Your tactic policies
Way you escape from problems
Your bold attempts
Are few that drew me
Protection from evils
Is what I get from you
Without request
But I feel bad
When you suffer coz of me
I try to cover my hardships
Showing you only my happiness
Your detective eyes really sharp
I couldn’t escape your eyes
My lips are locked before you
They can never be untrue
Though, you never touched me
Your presence felt every second
Still cant believe that
You broke my self erected barrier
And continued breaking my soul

Shalini Samuel
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