Friday, June 11, 2010

Aliens at Home

Aliens in my home!

Proudly seated in,

my drawing-room.

Scary and friendly;

Cute and ugly;

Big and little;

Mysteriously enters;

Abruptly exits;

Keeps on talking;

Never hears anyone;

Advises everyone;

Sings vociferously,

Cooks food untimely;

Dances for every tune;

Gets angry with me,

And scolds me;

Dressed colorfully,

Even two pieces;

Crying endlessly;

Smiles needlessly;

Gifts headache;

Offers rusty brain;

Steals costly time;

But wondering

Why these aliens

Locked in idiot box

Never try to

Break the lock?

Instead Lock us

To our seats.

Shalini Samuel
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