Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Passed away pain

I was crawling deep down the woods

Red, yellow, orange, green fruits smiling

Flowers hanging above banged my head

I was crawling, crawling and crawling


Days passed without a way out.

Nights frightened me with darkness.

Thorns and insects piercing my skin

I started walking, walking and walking.


Rough became the forest terrain,

Bigger wild animals crept out

Threatening environment provoked my tears

I started running, running and running.


Agonized I yelled out irately

My voice echoed back monotonously

Crippled I prayed to God, save me

I was standing, standing and standing.


My legs slowly fell down to the ground

I was lying on the ground amidst dust

Wiping my painful moans an angel held me high

I was flying, flying and flying in broad blue sky
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