Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Winnie Wise

I am Wise Winnie

Rolling back the time machine

Erasing the typing slips,

Tongue wrote in hearts.

Wiping away hatreds and feuds.

Let history repeat sans wars.

Let man’s legs move forward,

Deleting errors of future;

Using backspace forgiving past.

Winnie Wise screams fiercely

Don’t wanna see kids crying

Don’t wanna see lamenting lady

Don’t wanna see helpless man

Wanna see a world of angels

Wanna make the earth a paradise


I am Wise Winnie

Rolling back the time machine again

Handle,rusted by hatred,wheel struck

Understanding and love applied to smooth

The wheel turns again

How long have we come

Is there lot more to go

Or if the path is infinite

I am unaware,still the wheel rotates

Oh you man, a fool

Your typing errors,left uncorrected

In hearts of man, is still in memory

Hatreds and feuds left unformatted

Still staying viruses in mans cells

Winnie Wise recycled every error

How long wil she have to continue