Saturday, June 19, 2010

Canine Competitor

My first poetry for Muse India. Hope you would all like it. :-)

Flanking me, wherever my legs pace

Tender touch, enlights his face

Spectator of my pain and pleasure

Always an adherent, never a bystander


Aids conveying emotions towards associates

Impersonates accent of acquaintances

My misery drains, whilst his melody floods

Illuminates dazzlingly, my surrounds


Aware of schedule, wakes up timely

His absence makes my life stationary

Squeals for buzz from friends and foes

Unaware of betrayal, for he is brainless


Can you speculate his charming name?

Moment to bring him to the hall of fame

Neither soulless shadow, nor canine tamed

But always mobile and that’s how he is named..

Note: Canine Competitor- Just portrayed how dog a faithful companion is slowly losing its status to a lifeless gadget MOBILE just as television invaded media.Hope you enjoyed it...