Sunday, October 2, 2011

Guiding Light

Dear Anna,

You shed tears of joy, when I was born

Grateful for the splendid reception you gave me

We started our relationship train with tears

Your childhood naughty stories, a great treasure.

Jealous on you, you spend lot of time with grandpa

I had just nine months to see our loving grandpa

Your handsome energetic look is one I admire most

The commanding personality, the naughty look

The first grandson, the senior, fine dressing sense

The kindness you exhibit, anger on injustice

Diamond cuts, our last chat, my last glimpse

Are few that come to my mind, when I think of you

Lot more memories, still evergreen, anna

Your soul left flesh box, leaving it vacant,

You still reside in our hearts, our endearing King

Today is your special day, dear it’s your birthday

How to wish for your birthday, Where to meet you

Should I wish, Live long my brother, prosperously

Confused am standing with your memories

Diamond cuts, last chat, last glimpse

Everything remains frozen deep inside

I still can’t accept your departure

When will I meet you again anna?

Will you give me another grand reception?

Seeing you in my dreams says,

You haven’t gone away

Still you are with me, guiding light.

With love

Your naughty sister.(ended as usual)

Note: A tribute to my loving brother on his birthday...

Hope his soul is somewhere fine and happy...

Anna.. Meaning brother in Tamil
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