Sunday, October 26, 2014

An evening on the terrace

As the sun rests behind the clouds,
with a walking stick and a hot cup of tea
grandpa eases out his old age in an easy chair.

Grandpas eyeballs record random scenes
Cavalcade of white birds across the blue sky
A lonely parrot bidding goodbye to the sun
A coconut tree dances, startling the sleeping crow
A little sparrow sneaking into its tiny space
Flock of cranes travels past grandpas round spectacles

His eyes unconsciously stop at a frame,
A fully flowered sappota tree swaying like gigantic monster
Trying to embrace him kindly with profound love,
The emerald mango leaves blowout their warm breeze
Somebody hides behind, so fast to oldies timeworn eyes
He stares once more into the silence of the thick foliage
The dusky black bird with red eyes sneaks from behind
Aah! A shy Koel tilting its head to have a glimpse of grandpa

Grandpa smiles at its beautiful expression
While his grandson stares at the angry birds

That flies on his newly bought smart phone
The soul rejoices dreaming unheard future- Shalini Samuel
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